Bad Girl

Character: Chloe
Directed by: Fin Edquist
Written by: Fin Edquist
Other cast: Sara West, Felicity Price, Liam Graham, Benhamin Winspear
Release date: 27 April 2017 (Australia)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Running time: 1h 27min

Amy Anderson is a bad girl. An adopted only-child, her relationship with her parents is at breaking point. Whisked off to the family’s new rural compound, Amy attempts suicide, saved at the last moment by Chloe, the Anderson’s new and attractive cleaner. Seeing a role model for their troubled daughter, Amy’s parents encourage the girls’ friendship, and an initial attraction gives way to a tumultuous sexual relationship. But Amy’s world falls apart when she discovers Chloe is actually the Andersons’ long-lost biological daughter, determined to oust Amy and take her rightful place in the family. It’s nature versus nurture as the girls go head-to-head in a battle over the parents. In the end, only one bad girl will be left standing.

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