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‘Home and Away’ star admits shaky soap debut


'Home and Away' star admits shaky soap debut

  |   Written by Daniel Kilkelly

Home and Away star Samara Weaving reflects on her first TV role.

 Home and Away star Samara Weaving has opened up about the early days of her acting career, admitting that she learned humility after making her soap debut on Out of the Blue.

The actress, now best known for playing Summer Bay’s Indigo Walker, portrayed schoolgirl Kirsten Mulroney on the Sydney-based drama three years ago.

Out of the Blue was produced in Australia for the BBC but only ran for one series, consisting of 130 episodes.

Reflecting on her first regular role, Weaving told The Daily Telegraph: “I was 17, on TV, and kind of thought, ‘I’m awesome, why don’t you treat me like an adult?’

“I was arrogant. I was the youngest on the show and scared, and covered it with this confident veneer. And then I went back to school, and was just a student and teenager again.”

Discussing how things had changed when she landed her regular role as Indi, she continued: “I’d matured because of three massive things – I finished school, moved to Sydney and started Home and Away. Nobody told me to pull my head in. I knew you can’t act like that.”

Indi is one of the characters who will feature in Home and Away’s special Hawaii episodes, which are about to hit screens in Australia.