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Article: Samara Weaving is Stellar in Hulu’s ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

Decider | You know you’ve thought it: Nine Perfect Strangers star Samara Weaving looks exactly like The Suicide Squad Margot Robbie. Memes abound about how the two actresses look alike, and like Sex Education‘s Emma Mackey, Jaime Pressley, and more. However Hulu’s tense new drama Nine Perfect Strangers might prove for the first time that the similarities aren’t just skin deep. As Jessica, a frantically insecure Instagram influencer, Weaving shows off her massive amounts of range. She is, like Margot Robbie, a tremendous acting talent. They are alike in the best possible way, as artistic forces.

Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers follows the mayhem that unfolds over ten days at an exclusive wellness retreat lorded over by the mysterious guru Masha (Nicole Kidman). Masha’s unorthodox methods have drawn people from far and wide in the pursuit of self-betterment. In Jessica’s case, the Instagram influencer first seems to be arriving at Tranquillum looking for online clout, but it’s soon made clear what she really yearns for is a reconnection with her husband Ben (Melvin Gregg) and a way to overcome her crippling self-doubt. There’s a devastating scene in Episode 3 “Earth Day” when the picture perfect-looking woman lays into all her perceived flaws, to the shock and sorrow of the other women surrounding her. Jessica is a woman whose appearance may look perfect, but her inner life is a minefield of shattered confidence and self-loathing. Even the things she is proud of are jealously criticized by those around her, as Carmel (Regina Hall) projects her own insecurities onto Jessica.

Samara Weaving is a 29-year-old actress whose career kicked off in the traditional Australian way: on the soap opera Home and Away. After that, she moved to Hollywood, where she bounced around in supporting roles in projects as diverse as Ash vs. Evil Dead and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Her breakthrough came in the 2019 film Ready or Not, where she played a blushing bride caught up in her new in-laws’ sinister game. Weaving was a natural scream queen, subverting the genre while also showing a gift for dark comedy. She also gave a brilliant turn in Netflix’s Hollywood and as Ted’s daughter Thea in Bill & Ted Face the Music.

But really, she has this persnickety habit of being cast as the beautiful “other” woman. In S.M.I.L.F., Weaving played the woman the lead character’s ex left her for. (Same goes for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.) Weaving’s beauty often defined how other characters saw her roles. Lately, though, she’s managed to find room to subvert these expectations, leaning into the stoner comedy of Bill & Ted and playing a surprisingly righteous wannabe starlet in Hollywood. Nine Perfect Strangers, however, lets her go deeper, peeling back the layers of her character’s external beauty to reveal a person laden with neuroses.

In this way, Weaving really does feel like Margot Robbie 2.0, and I mean that as the biggest compliment ever! Robbie, too, was an Aussie soap actress who managed to successfully transition to Hollywood starlet. Robbie’s early breakthrough roles cashed in on her beauty. But what’s carried Robbie to international stardom is her incredible talent. It turns out Weaving’s got that, too.

Nine Perfect Strangers is a pulpy delight and a great showcase for its brilliant ensemble cast. Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Shannon, and Manny Jacinto all deliver forth the kind of nuanced performances that make them stars, and so does Samara Weaving. Sure she looks a lot like Margot Robbie, but what matters more is she can act like her, too.

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Press Days (Photos)

Hello Samara fans! Last week, Sam did two full press days for her upcoming Hulu show “Nine Perfect Strangers” (July 27th and July 31st). I have searched far and wide over the last days, but unfortunately I haven’t found a single official photo or video featuring Samara from either of the two days… Therefore, I have decided to add the images shared on instagram by Samara’s stylist, as she looked fantastic! Hopefully we’ll eventually have professional/HQ photos from the events – if you know where some can be found, I would greatly appreciate an email. I will keep searching and update you if anything surface!

Samara was styled by Petra Flannery both days, and wore an outfit by Louis Vuitton on the 27th, and Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2021 by Anthony Vaccarello on the 31st. Enjoy the stunning new photos!

Appearances > Appearances 2021 > July 27: “Nine Perfect Strangers” Press Day
Appearances > Appearances 2021 > July 31: “Nine Perfect Strangers” Press Day

Video: Samara goes down a Home & Away Youtube Hole with Pedestrian TV

Samara relives her H&A days, The Oscars and Margot Robbie’s Love Island themed bday party. You can catch her in Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.Samara relives her H&A days, The Oscars and Margot Robbie’s Love Island themed bday party. You can catch her in Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.

Article: Samara Weaving Went From Blonde To Fiery Red In Her Latest Film, And She Likes It

Samara spoke to Elle Australia during the Snake Eyes press day earlier this week, and they’ve now released a great new article summarizing what they discussed in her interview which you can read below. I’m unable to embed the accompanying video onto the site, so make sure to head over to Elle’s official site here to watch it!

Samara Weaving’s distinctive blonde hair is synonymous to her personal aesthetic. So when her character in 2021 film Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins was revealed, you couldn’t blame her fans for being a little taken aback.

Samara’s sun-bleached blonde tresses were transformed into a long, fiery red mane belonging to the kick-ass comic book character Scarlett.
Speaking to ELLE Australia ahead of the film’s release this week, Samara (who is now back to her familiar honey blonde), revealed she “loved” her stint as a red-head.
“It was so pretty, and long,” she described to us.
But don’t be fooled by those lush red locks seen in the film. Upon further investigation, Samara revealed the transformation was actually all down to a wig.
“I loved putting that wig on every day. I gonna try to hunt it down and wear it,” she said.

When asked if going red permanently was an option, Samara admitted upkeep would be a clincher.
“You’d have to dye it all the time, and that would be tricky,” she laughed.
Her red hair wasn’t the only thing she loved about her character’s look. While much of G.I. Joe squad member Scarlett’s wardrobe was pieced together to compliment her rather, um, action-filled lifestyle, there were several low-key scenes where we got a peek of the black-belted character’s personal style.
“[Scarlett] is very stylish when she’s not in her superhero suit. I want to steal all of it! I loved her leather coat, and there were some boots with snakes on the bottom, they were sick,” Samara said.

Samara is fast becoming one of Australia’s biggest Hollywood stars alongside the likes of Margot Robbie and Isla Fisher. Like Samara, both actresses got their start on popular local soaps, Neighbours and Home And Away.
Of course, Samara’s roles these days are a far cry from her gentle Home And Away character, Indi.
There’s marital artist Scarlett from G.I. Joe, and her depiction of revenge-seeking Grace from Ready Or Not was absolutely on-point. And who could forget the relentlessly terrifying Nix from Kiwi action comedy Guns Akimbo?
In addition, Samara has recently snapped up a leading role in blockbuster-bound The Valet, an English-language remake of the popular French film.
“I would never do the things that these characters did so it’s really fun to live out this fantasy of someone who just kicks ass and doesn’t care. It’s awesome,” Samara told us.

The Adelaide-born actress is keen to keep fuelling that female superhero fire in film, especially where representation has lacked in the past.
“I remember when I saw Wonder Woman, and there’s that opening scene where it’s all women fighting. I just started crying because I realised I hadn’t ever seen that before – an entirely female cast in an action.
“Having that representation makes us feel seen and validated. I realised I really haven’t really seen that other than in, like Charlie’s Angels or Kim Possible. So I’m really glad to be a part of that, I hope there’s more!”

Video: ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ trailer debuts on ‘GMA’

The first official full-lenght trailer for Samara’s upcoming show ‘Nine Perfect Strangers‘ just debuted at Good Morning America! You can check it out below, along with an article on the show. “Nine Perfect Strangers” is available to stream on Hulu on August 18.

The official trailer for the upcoming Hulu series, “Nine Perfect Strangers” is finally here.

“Good Morning America” exclusively debuted a look at the official trailer on Thursday for the upcoming eight-episode drama, premiering Wednesday, Aug. 18.

The Jonathan Levine-directed series is based on Australian author Liane Moriarty’s 2018 bestselling novel of the same name.

In the nearly three-minute trailer for the miniseries, viewers meet Masha (Nicole Kidman), the leader of a 10-day wellness retreat at Tranquillum House that nine strangers visit “to reinvigorate their tired minds and bodies.”

According to the show’s synopsis, “these nine ‘perfect’ strangers have no idea what is about to hit them.”

“You want to get well? You want to heal?” Masha asks the retreat participants in the clip, “Surrender yourself to me.”

The star-studded cast of the series also includes Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans, Regina Hall, Michael Shannon, Bobby Cannavale, Asher Keddie, Samara Weaving, Melvin Gregg, Manny Jacinto, Grace Van Patten and Tiffany Boone. (GMA)

Photos: Samara and Henry Golding Attend Special Snake Eyes Screening

Hello Weaving fans! Sam and Henry Golding attended a special screening of Snake Eyes in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (July 21). It was an exclusive Comic-Con Fans First screening held at the TCL Chinese Theatre. The film’s producer Erik Howsam was also at the event, and the three of them signed autographs and posed for the press before Samara and Henry spoke about the film to fans in the theatre ahead of the screening. You can now find the first 9 photos in our gallery, Samara looks gorgeous!

We were worried Samara would struggle to attend the premieres due to ‘Babylon’ filming commitments, but hopefully this means she’ll also attend the film’s official premiere tomorrow! Stay tuned for full coverage here at SWH if so.

Comic-Con at Home: Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes was featured at Comic-Con at Home yesterday, and the full video has now been uploaded online! You can watch it below – Samara’s interviews is the first to be shown, but I recommend watching it in full for some behind the scenes footage and movie clips.

An inside look at the highly-anticipated upcoming film Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins—with special content and exclusive interviews from stars Henry Golding, Andrew Koji, Úrsula Corberó, Samara Weaving, Haruka Abe, Iko Uwais, Peter Mensah, and Takehiro Hira as well as the writer of the G.I. Joe comic books, the legend himself, Larry Hama! Mari Takahashi (@atomicmari) will moderate a panel featuring the film’s main cast as they discuss bringing this incredible origin story to life. Fans in select markets who tune into the panel will have the chance to gain access to a special advanced screening of Snake Eyes on Wednesday, July 21st at the Snake Eyes Comic-Con Fans First Fan Screenings. Be sure to tune in for more info!

Videos: Press interviews for ‘Snake Eyes’

Two more interviews from the Snake Eyes press day has been released, and you can check them out below! The film hits cinemas tomorrow, so make sure you get tickets to see Samara as Scarlett if the cinemas are open in your area.

Angela Bishop caught up with ‘Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins’ stars Henry Golding and Aussie Samara Weaving to chat about their intense training for the movie and “flaming galahs”!